How is coffee good for you – benefits you probably didn’t know of

How is coffee good for you?????

There has always been a debate on whether drinking coffee is good or bad for our health. As any other thing probably too much is not a good idea, after all, consuming big amounts of caffeine can have repercussions. But keeping it around 3 or 4 cups a day is perfectly safe, and the benefits of drinking black coffee surely are bigger than its drawbacks.

Now, I am emphasizing the word black because I am not going to talk about sugar milk or whatever the Starbucks guy puts in your coffee. So no one should go and drink those “liquid cakes” just because they read about benefits of coffee.

So here are the main benefits of coffee that everyone should know of…

Coffee helps you live longer

Coffee is packed with antioxidants, which helps eliminate free radicals and prevent diseases. They are super useful to eliminate toxins from your body and keep your cells younger over time.

It also cleanses your body because it is a diuretic.

Coffee helps your brain

A moderate amount of caffeine intake, helps you stay focused during the day and exercise your brain. It is also known yo improve your memory and slow down its declination as you age.

Coffee helps you improve your physical performance

Many sport coaches will suggest drinking a cup of coffee before a workout. This is because it helps release some adrenaline which helps you train for longer extending fatigue, it also helps break down body fat and release into your bloodstream to be used as fuel. You will make the most out of your workouts.

Coffee helps you lose weight

Apart from helping break down body fat, coffee is also an aid in the use of insulin in your body, regulating sugar levels and avoiding those sugar cravings that make you gain weight.

Coffee makes you happy

Coffee stimulates the central nervous system to produce the type of hormones that make you happy which reduces the risk of stress and depression.

What to tell coffee haters

So next time you meet that coffee hater you know (we all have one) you can feel free to tell him why your daily drink is actually a good idea apart from being delicious.

I must say, there are also some downsides about coffee, so it should not be drunk in excess but keeping it between 2-4 cups per day should be no problem. Some downsides are…

  • Pregnant women should keep from drinking coffee or drinking maximum 1 cup per day.
  • It may cause insomnia
  • It’s acid so if you have a delicate stomach it might not suit you so great, unless you drink cold brew coffee

So in conclusion don’t go around drinking two liters of coffee a day, but if you are surrounded by people who say it is bad for you, you can be calm and enjoy your perfect cup. If you want to know more about how to brew coffee at home, have a look at my post on brewing methods.

12 thoughts on “How is coffee good for you – benefits you probably didn’t know of”

  1. I really enjoyed this article! Coffee does have some amazing benefits! As you mentioned, you shouldn’t drink limitless amounts of coffee, but 2-4 cups is the sweet spot. I did not know that coffee helps you lose weight. Thank you for sharing this post!

  2. Alberto,
    I love to drink black coffee,but I won’t lie on occasions, I do sometimes put some sugar and cream in it. That was interesting to know it can help in weight loss, this must be the black coffee part right? I agree though, one should definitely not drink more than 4 cups per day.
    I have tried coconut creamer and it actually doesn’t taste bad, and it’s definitely healthier than cream or milk. It actually gives the coffee a sweet taste, so no sweeteners are needed. I’m a big coffee lover so I will be checking out more blogs on your site here, very interesting information about coffee,


  3. Liquid cakes! Not a better expression used to describe Starbucks, luke warm liquid cakes!
    Not coffee at all.

    Coffee is actually very healthy and has a lot of health benefits what have been proven at universities in US and Japan for boosting testosterone and improving circulation.

  4. Have always really wondered about coffee, where it’s good or bad for you. I must get in the habit I think of just having black coffee. Thankyou was a great read.


  5. I don’t mind black coffee, but I much prefer a Nespresso with heated, frothed milk but I don’t use any sweetener. So my question for you is, do I lose all the benefits you talked about if I add milk to my drink?

  6. This is a very interesting and important article. I was not even aware of the topic until I read this.
    You put everything all people need to know about benefits of drinking coffee all in one place and this saves a lot of time for persons like me since I don’t have to look at other sites to get related information from. I just liked to see some more relevant images on your post because it lets me have a better sense of the topic you’re talking about.
    Anyway it’s still a great post and I recommend it to everyone who are interested to know more about this topic.


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